Blog Development for joomla extensions, joomla templates, magento extensions, magento templates, wordpress templates, wordpress plugins. Mon, 20 May 2013 16:31:12 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Vportfolio Security Release Statement The Vsmart Extensions team is proud to announce Vportfolio 1.2.

This is an important security release, we highly recommend all users to upgrade now! All previous versions of Vportfolio are succeptable to a Directory Traversal open folders ( Vportfolio 1.0 resolves this issue. Many thanks to The Joomla! Extensions Directory Team for altering us regarding the issue!

This link for updating Vportfolio 1.0 to 1.2:

Vsmart Extensions Team!

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V-Portfolio - Joomla portfolio component
V - Porfolio is a joomla component that helps users create a portfolio easily with lightbox effect, page details and categories. It is totally compatible with Joomla 1.5, easy to install and repair interface. V-Portfolio is a perfect solution for you to create your own portfolio on joomla framework.

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JQPopup - JqueryUI Popup Module
JQPopup is a joomla module that open automatic dhtml popup content when load site.Use JQuery UI script with many options. There are 4 selection for showing in popup: a module, an article, an external link or image. With popup we can set with, height, position and hide effect, time auto close for it. Beside these are many themes for selections.

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VM ProSlide - Joomla Virtuemart Products Slide

VM ProSlide is a joomla module that slideshow products of Virtuemart Component(Open Source E-Commerce solution).With VM ProSlide we can select which product types we will slideshow : Latest Products,Featured Products,Random Products,Topten Products. We can also set how many products that be shown...

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CA VMPro - Create Auto Multi Products Virtuemart
CA VMPro is a joomla component that allows creating batch products Virtuemart from list selected images with same informations ( price, descriptions ...). It is very useful for shops which sell pictures or frames, printing products...

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DisableLogin Function When User Enter Wrong Username/Password
DisableLogin is joomla plugin allows disable login function in period time when user enter wrong username or password certain number of times ( is configured in backend) .

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CB Reporter - Community Builder Reporter
The component will be a native to Joomla 1.5 and will provide advanced user list functionality for Community Builder.It will consist of three main areas:

  • - A list of all Community Builder users with multiple search/filter fields, and the ability to save search results as reports.
  • - A list of the saved searches or reports. These reports must be viewable from the back-end and the front-end (through a simple menu link, not category/table views), and have a button to export to Excel. Front-end reports will need to use Joomla’s access control to limit who can see them.
  • - A configuration area to set which fields may be exported to Excel and which fields will be available in the component for searching/filtering.

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LightboxContentGallery Plugin
LightboxContentGallery Plugin display slimbox images in folder set via joomla content. In the article we will use : [lightbox title='Image Title']images/stories/food/bread.jpg[/lightbox].
Lightbox will show all images in folder images/stories/food/ with bread.jpg thumb.

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VE Latest New Scroller
Latest New Scroller is a joomla module that show latest news of joomla with nice scroller.

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Bow Slideshow
This Module show a nice image slideshow with links and descriptions. Slideshow using sliderman.js script which many amazing effects: rain, stairs, fade, move_left, move_right, move_top, move_bottom, blinds, boom, random.

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